Update 2/02/20: Isabella is narrating the audiobook for “Lost in the City of @” by Michael Bell. The Kindle version is available for pre-order now!

Blank Book Cover Mock-up

Update 12/20/19: Check out Part 3 of “Creating Better Female Characters” by Phil Clark. I am grateful to be part of the Fab 50 women interviewed, and so honored to have the final word on this topic – Lead Role Differences.


Update: 4/2/19:  The next article in Phil Clark’s “Creating Better Female Characters” has posted, and Isabella is featured! Check it out: fab50

Update 3/31/19: Isabella has been working hard on some upcoming projects. A feature film is currently under development with A-Lister interest. Izzy has also become the co-director of a multimedia production company, Byte & Run Productions, Inc. Additionally, upgrades are being made to Izzy’s voice-over studio, and projects are lining up. Lots of exciting things are in the works, so stay tuned!

Update 1/3/19: Isabella Tugman is honored to be a part of the Fab 50, a group of 50 women interviewed about creating better female characters. Read the first article of the series created by Phil Clark here:



Update 4/17/18: I’d Kill for You is now available to rent and purchase!

Click Here to Visit iTunes


Update 3/25/2017:  I Live for You has been retitled and given a new movie poster! It is now I’d Kill for You. 

I'd Kill for You

Update 2/7/2017: Check out Cinemaisseur’s interview with Isabella Tugman


Update 1/25/2017: Be sure to read the latest review of I Live for You by CineArtistry: Showcase Review: I LIVE FOR YOU


Update 1/16/2017: Check out this new interview with I Live for You‘s director, Monika Wesley: I Live for You: Director Monika Wesley’s Sweet Summertime Fantasy


Update 10/05/2016: I Live for You is screening at the La Femme International Film Festival on October 21st, 2016! Purchase Tickets Here

Also, be sure to check out the Film Snobbery’s I Live for You interviews at the Dances with Films Festival:

Film Snobbery’s Interview with Actors Robert Hook and Hannah Telle

Film Snobbery’s Interview with Director Monika Wesley

Film Snobbery’s Interview with Producer Cami Winikoff, Editor Andrea Porter, and Writer Brandon Zinn

Update 9/11/2016: I Live for You has been accepted into the La Femme International Film Festival! Stay tuned for the screening date to take place in October 2016


Update 6/13/2016: The first review of I Live for You following its premiere at the Dances with Films Festival has posted:

“Quaint, quirky and ever-surprising, there’s a wonderful life lesson lying within the madness here. As projected by straight man Robert Hook as he gets schooled in strange by the alluring Hannah Telle (think Melanie Griffith in “Something Wild” with added psychological danger!), “I Live For You” lives and dies by the engaging believability of the two leads – they deliver. 4/5 stars” – Jason Coleman, Film Critic and movie journalist of Starpulse

His full list of reviews from the festival can be read here.



Update 05/18/2016I Live for You will be featured in the Dances with Films festival and will have its world premiere at the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard on June 8th, 2016. Check out the festival site and purchase tickets here.

Update 03/01/2016: The trailer to I Live for You has been released! Check it out:

Update 12/02/2015I Live for You was screened last night at the Real D screening room in Beverly Hills! I wasn’t able to make the screening, but I heard that many industry professionals attended and the film was well-received. The film has been submitted to film festivals, and we’re waiting to hear more soon!

ILiveForYou copy

Most recently I worked on the feature film I Live For You. I co-produced and have a comedic role. Producers Mark Amin and Cami Winikoff of Sobini Films (The Prince & Me, Peaceful Warrior) have joined the production.

In the meantime, you can check out “I Live for You” on

Right now I’m going through some transitions and have some new projects in the works.  I have plans to update my website and materials very soon, so stay turned!