Dave Fennoy Coaches Izzy in VO Webinar

One thing I love about my career is how important it is to keep learning and growing, so I’m always working on acquiring new skills and refining the ones I have.

As an actor/singer/producer, it likely comes as no surprise that I do voice-over as well.

Over the last several years, I have been growing my voice-over business by training, improving my equipment and skills, and fine-tuning my marketing (new VO website coming soon!).

I am ever grateful for the many resources and mentors available to voice actors. One invaluable resource has been the guidance of the great Dave Fennoy, who often shares his wisdom through Q&A’s and Webinars.

Last night (4/18/19) Dave held one of his webinars, and I had the honor of being called on to read. Just for fun, I decided to post the video here. My spot begins at 41:30

It sounds like the video was edited by breath-removal software that clipped the ends of some words. Nonetheless, you get the idea. I’m always excited for the opportunity to do what I love and learn from the greats.




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