My Charity Campaign: Small Contributions to make Big Changes

Dear Internet (and all of the real people who are currently perusing it),

I am terribly sorry that I have not written a blog post in a while. Boy, has life been busy! But more on that later…

I’m spreading the word about a charity campaign I recently started for the Whole Planet Foundation. If you could simply donate as little as $1 and/or spread the word about this campaign, it would be a big help. Here is the link:

About the charity:

I’m raising money and awareness to fight poverty around the world though the Whole Planet Foundation. The Whole Planet Foundation is a non-profit charity that aims to alleviate poverty via micro lending. Microloans are small amounts of money lent to an entrepreneur to grow or start their business. It is a hand-up rather than a hand-out. Entrepreneurs are also given education with their loans, and have had a high payback rate (97%). That means that the money lent gets recycled to help more people over and over again! The charity is also greatly empowering women, as they make up the majority of the entrepreneurs taking part in this program. To learn more, please visit my campaign link.

Thank you, and Namaste!

❤ Izzy


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